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Panfish / Trout Baits

Jr. Goby (2")

Runts (2")

M'eh Fly (2" – custom designed)

Lil Squirt (1.8" – custom designed)

Toy Craw (1.75")

Baby Invader (1.5" – custom designed)

Mini M'eh Fly (1.3" – custom designed)

Twiggy Worm (3")

Baby Goby (1.25")

Lil Sucker (2" leech)


Mouthful Tubes (6")

Tubes (4")

Tube Rigs (Fits 4" & 6", Owner Hook)

Tube Heads (fits 4", Owner Hook)

Tiny Tubes (2.75")

Toddler Tubes (2")

Micro Tubes (1.5")

Swimbaits (3" – 5")

Swagger (5" – custom designed)

Rippers (3.5")

Mini Swagger (3" – custom designed)

Lil Rippers (3")

Sportfish Baits

Rush Worm (6")

Grubs (5")

Stoty Sticks (5")

Mini Sticks (4")

Beaver Bug (4.5")

Teaser Toad (4.25")

Brush Beetle (4.2")

Mirage Minnows (4")

Grandpa Goby (4")

Punch Craws (3.9")

Stealth Worm (3.8")

Bloodsucker Leech (3.5")

Razorback (3.5")

Finesse Craw (3.5")

Hellion (3.3" – custom designed)

Mini Mirage Minnow (3")

Sr. Goby (3")

Invader (3" – custom designed)

Ned Craw (3")

Flanders (2.7")

Chunks (2.5")

Specialty Packs

Panfish Packs

Micro Series Packs


Leather Patch Hats (limited edition)

Vintage Trucker Hats

Trucker Hat

Hoodies (S-3XL)

TNB Toques


Sweat Pants

TNB Hooded Jerseys

Hooks & Accessories

Tungsten Heads

Ned Heads – Pro Series (Gammy Hooks, 3-pk)

Vision Jigheads (3 pack)

TNB Chatterboxes

Underspin Heads (Gammy hooks)

Wide Gap Worm Hooks

Bucktail Spins (Gammy Hooks)

Mini Tube Heads (4 pack, Gammy Hooks)

Stupid Tube Heads (3 pack, EWG hooks)

Swimbait Heads (2 pack, Mustad Hooks)

Tail Spins

Compact Box

Glow Cup

Fishing Pliers

Catch & Cook (fish/meat coatings & seasonings)


Vintage Decals

Vehicle/Boat Vinyl Decals

Carpet Decals

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