Catch and Cook is the perfect marriage between what a chef and a fishing guide want to eat and serve their guests.

– Whiteout (Garlic, 130 g)
– All Terrain (Chipotle, 114 g)
– Campfire (Smoked Salt, 200 g)
– Citrus Kick (Lemon Pepper, 136 g)


Catch & Cook Seasonings
Our collection of spices has been selected and developed to bring a diversity of flavours to your wild dishes and to enhance your cooking experience.

  • All Terrain, a zesty and spicy chipotle seasons that we enjoy on darn near everything.
  • Campfire, a smoked sea salt that will envelope any meal in a beautiful smokey flavour.
  • Whiteout, a savoury garlic powder seasoning that we love to dust over fish + seafood, mix in with grilled veggies and makes for a killer coating on fresh popped buttery popcorn.
  • Citrus Kick, the perfect blend of lemon and peppercorns to give your mouth a “kick” of flavour with a touch of heat.

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