With zero detail spared, the 3″ Ned Craw brings you a finesse craw presentation but don’t be fooled, this bait is full of action! The ribbing on it’s claws traps air bubbles, combined with our floating plastic gives it a stand-up, life-like presentation. Drag it, crack it, hop it, it doesn’t matter… this bait will slowly rise to it’s stand-up position triggering a fish’s instinct to feed! The Ned Craw’s finesse ribbon tails provide it with a subtle secondary action on even with the slightest movement and the two leg appendages on the side of it’s body twitch as it makes bottom contact, giving this bait 3 different actions! 3″ long, medium plastic, scent infused. 6 pk


Length: 3″
Plastic: Medium
Scent: Infused
Qty: 6 pk

Target Species: Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Perch, Crappie, Pike

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Weight 75 g