Dan Ellis – Ontario
Dan is avid angler both recreationally & on the tournament scene. In his spare time he enjoys hunting, and spending time with his family. Some of his accolades include 2021 BassFreaks Casey Irvine Champion2021 Fatt Bass Georgian Bay Summer Slam Champion.


April Willis – Manitoba
April started fishing at a young age with her dad, targeting rainbow trout in the Duck Mountains of Manitoba. April is now a seasoned multi-species angler that most enjoys targeting bass, panfish, trout, and walleye. Her “bucket list” experience would be to land a rooster fish on her fly rod!

YouTubeApril Dawn Willis

Gavin Gerrits – Ontario
Gavin has grown up in Southern Ontario and likes to mainly target Bass, Walleye, Steelhead, Salmon and Panfish. He started fishing at 2 years old and was immediately hooked on the sport. He has since started upgrading all his gear and started targeting new species, anything from fly fishing for trout to throwing big bucktails and swimbaits for Pike and Muskie. Watch out for him in the tournament scene shortly!

YouTubeGavin’s Outdoor Adventures

Melissa Lindsay – Manitoba
Melissa didn’t grow up fishing but it quickly became her passion. It’s hard for her to pick a favorite species to to target, Melissa calls herself a multi species angler. She loves variety, implementing different techniques and exploring Manitoba. You can find her on the ice, in the boat or kayak or on the river bank. But what she’s grown to love the most is sharing her passion with others and encouraging, educating and inspiring new people, to get involved in the sport of fishing.

IG: @turkeygirl.mb
Tiktok: @meliss_linds

Raul Garcia – Saskatchewan
Raul is originally from Mexico but moved to Canada in 2009 with his wife. He’s the proud father of two young outdoorsmen (Sonny & Oscar) and they love to get out and enjoy nature as much as possible! Raul’s passion for fishing all started when he received a rod/reel combo as an anniversary gift from his wife and he’s barely put it down since!

IG: @raulgarcia_fishing

Marie Hutchison – Manitoba
“I grew up in a fishing and outdoors family. Camping and fishing was our means of vacation all throughout my childhood and this passion for the outdoors has only grown since then. Now as an adult, I love sharing these same passions with my husband and 3 beautiful children.
Growing up we primarily only fished during open water so when a friend took us out on the hard water 7 years ago a deeper and renewed love for the sport was born. Since then my husband and I have put on multiple small events helping to get people outdoors and share our passion. I have competed in hard water tournaments and this summer I am looking forward to competing in my first open water tournaments. I couldn’t list a favorite species of fish to target but Lake Winnipeg and the infamous “green back” Walleye are right in our back yard and always fun to catch. I also love going out, exploring and targeting new species like Trout, Bluegill and can’t resist a good day of Crappie or Pike fishing.”

IG: @mariehut20

Chris Bertrand – Quebec
Chris absolutely loves the outdoors and spends all his spare time fishing. His favorite species to target is Smallmouth Bass and enjoys the challenge of finding them from spring to fall as water temps vary and the fight is an absolute blast. In the winter months, Chris switches gears and you can him on the hardwater from December to March where he runs Magnum’s Ice Huts!

IG: @drake_slayer11
URL: Magnum’s Ice Huts

Andrew Findlay – Ontario
“From a young age I fell in love with the sport of fishing ! Fishing has become my passion in life weather it’s tournaments or just a fun day on the water trying new lakes and new baits to better my skills on the water. Every day I’m on the water I’m always learning. Family and fishing is my life!”


Aaron Case – Ontario
Aaron hails from Manitoulin Island —the largest freshwater island in the world— located in north Lake Huron. Manitoulin boasts some of the best fishing in Canada and Aaron does it all, with his ultimate favourite fish to target being Walleye and Salmon. Come hardwater season, you can find Aaron targeting just about everything, big or small.

IG: @ontariofishingguys

Blake Morken – Manitoba
Blake grew up in northwestern Ontario where his dad introduced him to fishing. At that time he targeted mostly Smallmouth Bass or Crappie for table fare. He moved to Manitoba in his early teens and was introduced to a whole new world of fishing opportunities and was eager to learn! Now he’s out fishing every chance he gets targeting multiple species. If he had to pick a favourite it hands down would be lake trout. He says “the rush from landing a Laker is like no other!”


Scotty Berrey – Ontario
“Fishing for me is a passion like nothing else . Growing up I always fished . At 10 years old I would go out in a tin boat all day long . That transpired into me getting into tournaments as I got older . As time went on I’ve worked hard to sharpen my skills and become more well rounded on the water . I’ve put lots of time on the water doing so . It’s paid off big time for angling side along with product relationships with companies in the industry . I’ve been able to win a fair amount of tournaments and built great friendships through out the industry.  I look forward to many more years working with great people and constantly learning more tips and tricks to put bigger fish in the boat.” 

IG: @scottyberrey

Tristen Harms – Manitoba
“I’m Tristen, a chef and mental health support worker and currently live in southern Manitoba. Much like many others, my introduction to fishing came about with my grandpa at our family cottage. As an adult I drifted away from angling, but rediscovered the joy it brings when I started fishing with my father again in the winter of 2020. Over the last 12 months I’ve learned everything I could about fishing, have targeted channel cats all the way to lake trout, learned to fly fish, operate a boat and generally enveloped myself into the fishing lifestyle. Hard water is what I’m truly keen for however, targeting my favourite species crappie, trout and walleyes. I’m proud to represent TNB, and am looking forward to sharing my growth and success as an angler with you all.”

IG: @tristenharms

Tyler Warner – Ontario
Growing up fishing in Kawartha’s since he was a little boy, Tyler has spent the majority of his summers bass fishing. He has a huge passion for kayak fishing and has multiple top ten finishes on the Ontario Kayak Bass Trail (OKBT). In the winter he enjoys ice fishing for Crappie and Perch. Tyler also enjoys getting his two children out fishing when he can.

IG: @tdubsfishing

Veronique Venne & Danielle Filion – Ontario
“We both grew up in Northern Ontario and we are still in the area. We’ve been fishing since we were able to hold a rod and never stopped! We met a few years ago and our first weekend getaway was an off grid camping adventure. Our favorite fishing trips are random remote lakes. We consider ourselves multi species anglers but we still have alot of species to add to our list! V’s favorite species to target is Pike and Danielle can’t pick just one, hers are walleye and trout. If we’re not fishing, you can be sure to find us doing anything outdoors!”

IG: @lez.go.fishing.ontario

Lee Juer – Ontario
“I moved around a lot when I was younger and had the opportunity to fish all over Canada including B.C for spring Salmon , Alberta mountain streams for Bull Trout and Manitoba for Red River “Greenback” Walleye & Channel Catfish. When I finally landed in Ontario 20 years ago, I was introduced to something called “Bass fishing”. Handful of boats and about a billion rods later… it’s still my passion! There is no better view then from behind a fishing rod.”

IG: @juerlee

Jennifer & William Dolinski – Manitoba
Hello! Our names are Jennifer & William Dolinski. We are a husband/wife duo parents to three beautiful girls (Raven, Huntley, Wren) and we run a family farm in the Manitoba prairies.

When we’re not busy at home, we enjoy everything to do with the outdoors. The outdoors is a big part of our lives which we enjoy with family and friends. We thrive on new adventures and enjoy targeting many different species of fish, but we both have a passion for targeting big Lake Manitoba “Greenbacks” (Walleye) through the ice.

Whether it’s fishing, hunting, farming or family we are determined to always be the best we can.

We hope one day to pass our knowledge and respect for the outdoors down to our daughters.

IG: @jenniferr_dolinski & @dolinski7

Matt Clement – Ontario
“As a multi-species angler, it’s all about versatility. Growing up, I cut my teeth targeting Bass, Pike, and Walleye, however, as time went on the challenge of chasing new species became a passion of mine. Nowadays, you can find me in a variety of different settings – on the ice jigging for panfish, hitting the open water casting for Bass, trolling for King Salmon or anything in between! For me, fishing is an outlet from life’s fast pace and has created memories that will last a lifetime with so many special people including my beautiful wife who is also my fishing partner!”

Patrick Wylie – Ontario
“I grew up in Lanark County, Ontario and my roots run deep. I developed a passion for everything outdoors at very early age and this has led me on countless fishing and hunting explorations. I enjoy targeting a wide variety of species but the “Bass bug” has me spending most of the open season chasing Smallies and Largies on the many lakes in my area of Ontario. Besides Bass I like to target Panfish and Walleye. In the winter months my attention turns to Trout and Walleye (Rainbows/Brookies/Brown/ Lakers and Splake) they all hold a special allure for me. I am a tournament angler as well as a fishing guide to my 5 children who have developed their own passion for fishing and the outdoors. Experiencing the excitement of a child who has just caught a fish or seen something for the first time is a feeling second to none.”


Logan Josefik – Ontario
Logan started fishing at the age of 2 with his father in Northern Ontario and hasn’t stopped since.  He enjoys creek and open water fishing.  He takes every opportunity to learn new techniques from other anglers he has met on his travels.  Some of his favorite catches are Musky, Smallmouth bass, Pike and Steelhead. He’s Looking forward to catching his first Atlantic Salmon on a TNB Twiggy!