Don't Know What To Throw?!

On this page we'll go over what products we recommend using for each species. These are by no means the only options for each species but just a few of the more popular baits/rigs/techniques that anglers seem to have success with.

Along with the below list, you can also find some great product videos on the
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Recommended Products


Bluegill Mini M'eh Fly, Lil Swimmers, Waxies, Lil Goby Slip float with micro tungsten head
Crappie M'eh Fly, Mini M'eh Fly, Lil Goby, Baby Invader, Lil Squirts, Runts, Jr. Goby, Spikes, Lil Suckers, Mini Swaggers, Tailspins, Mini Mirage Minnow Slip float with super glow jighead or micro tungsten head under.
Lake Trout 6" Mouthful Tubes (TNB Tube Rigs), 4" tubes (TNB Tube Heads), Rippers (Vision Jigheads), Swaggers (Vision Jigheads), Lil Rippers (Vision Jigheads), Tail Spins, Bucktail Spins Vertical jigging or trolling.
Largemouth Bass Teaser Toads, Stoty Sticks, Mini Sticks, Beaver Bug, Brush Beetle, Mini Swagger, Rippers, Lil Rippers, Mini Swagger, Hellion, Invader, Sr. Goby, Grandpa Goby, Razorbacks, Bloodsuckers, TNB Underspins Flipping heavy weeds, topwater in lily pads, under docks.
Muskie Swagger, 6" Mouthful Tubes, Bucktail Spins Trolling or fan casting weedline
Northern Pike Swagger, Teaser Toads, 6" Mouthful Tubes, Bucktail Spins, Rippers, Tail Spins, Lil Rippers, TNB Underspins, Stoty Sticks Casting shallow, weedy bays & weedlines.
Perch Mini M'eh Fly, Jr. Goby, M'eh Fly, Lil Goby, Runts, Lil Squirts, Jr. Goby, Sr. Goby, Mini Swagger, Toy Craw, Lil Suckers, Bloodsuckers, Spikes, Baby Invader, Mini Mirage Minnow Vertical jigging, dropshot rig
Rainbow Trout / Steelhead Twiggy Worm, Mini M'eh Fly, M'eh Fly, Baby Invader, Lil Goby, Mini Mirage Minnow Float fishing
Smallmouth Bass Ned Craw, Mini Sticks, Stoty Sticks, Toddler Tubes, Tiny Tubes, Invader, Hellion, Razorbacks, Stealth Worms, Rippers, Lil Rippers, Mini Swagger, Bloodsuckers, Sr. Goby, Grandpa Goby, Mini Mirage Minnow, Mirage Minnow, Teaser Toads, Finesse Craw, M'eh Fly, TNB Underspin, TNB Bucktail Spins Dropshot rig, ned rig, swimbaits
Stocked Trout
(Splake/Brookies etc)
Mini M'eh Fly, Waxies, M'eh Fly, Lil Goby, Lil Swimmers, Twiggy Worm, Baby Invader, Mini Mirage Minnow Vertical jigging, casting, trolling
Walleye Bucktail Spins, Mini Swagger, Mini Mirage Minnow, Mirage Minnow, 4" Tubes, Tiny Tubes, Tail Spins Casting or trolling weedlines
Whitefish M'eh Fly, Runts, Mini M'eh Fly, Jr. Goby, Sr. Goby, Grandpa Goby Vertical Jigging