True North Baits is a family-owned/operated business that specialize in creating superior quality Canadian fishing lures. Every part of our process is manually completed, using the highest quality plastic & components. We take pride in our work and the results show!

From panfish to predator fish, we have you covered! We carry a wide range of high quality soft plastics ranging from 1″ long to 5″ long, including our True North Series of (in house) custom designed baits exclusive to TNB. Shop now!

Not only do we design/create superior quality Canadian fishing lures, but we also keep you lookin’ sharp on and off the water with our custom designed TNB Apparel for children and adults!

True North Baits – 40 pc Panfish Pack (glow)

If you want to cover all of your bases and have a little bit of everything, the Panfish Pack (Glow) is for you! Ranging from our 1″ Micro Series Baits  to the 2.5″ Spikes (and everything in between), these packs are loaded with 40 pk of the nicest panfish plastics you’ll ever see! Upgrade to the Ultimate Panfish Pack (Glow) and score two Glow Micro Tungsten Heads for a 42 pk. Super soft plastic. Scent impregnated. Shop now!