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True North Baits

Mega Panfish Packs (100 pcs)

Mega Panfish Packs (100 pcs)

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If you want to cover all of your bases and have a little bit of everything, the TNB Panfish Packs are for you! Baits ranging from 1″ – 2″ these packs are loaded with 40 or 100 of the nicest panfish plastics you’ll ever see! Minnows, Crayfish, Maggots, Leeches, Goby.. they’ve got them all! Super soft plastic, scent infused. Standard or glow options available.

Target species: Perch, Crappie, Bluegill, Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout/Steelhead, Salmon

Lengths: 1 – 2″
Baits included: Lil Swimmers, Lil Waxies, Waxies, Baby Invader, Lil Squirt, Mini M’eh Fly, Toy Craw, M’eh Fly, Runts, Lil Suckers, Lil Goby, Jr. Goby
Plastic: Super soft, scent infused
Qty: 40 or 100 pcs

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