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True North Baits

Runts (2")

Runts (2")

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Don’t let the small stature of the Runt fool you! These super soft little guys drive fish crazy with their “snack-like” appearance and tantalizing tail. The Runt is the perfect example of a multi-species bait having caught the most species of any TNB bait so far (18 that we know of). These extremely versatile baits can be rigged multiple ways which makes them ideal for both open water and ice fishing!

Target Species: Crappie, Perch, Brook Trout, Splake, Steelhead, Bluegill, Whitefish

Length: 2″
Plastic: Super soft
Scent: Infused
Qty: 8/pack

Recommended gear: Ultra-light rod/reel, 3-6lb test flourocarbon
Rigging Options: Micro Tungsten Heads (7 mm)

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