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True North Baits

Mini Tube Heads

Mini Tube Heads

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Small hook… BIG results. Poured on a superior Gamakatsu hook, the TNB Mini Tube Heads are the obvious choice when it comes to finesse tube heads!

Our heads are designed to fit 2 to 2.75″ finesse tubes perfectly. The short shank hooks significantly increase your landing percentage and the 60-degree angle of the hook eye will help face the head slightly “up” which helps to both decrease the number of snags & increase the number of hook ups! 

Material: Lead
Weights: 1/8, 1/4 & 3/8 oz
Hook: Gamakatsu (size 1, 60-degree)
Qty: 4 per pack

Tube recommendations: Toddler Tubes (2"), Tiny Tubes (2.75")

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