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True North Baits

Brush Beetle (4.2")

Brush Beetle (4.2")

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The TNB Brush Beetle boasts a large profile with a wide splayed aggressive kick with minimal movement creating serious drag on the fall or retrieve. It’s an excellent choice as a stand-alone flipping bait or as a trailer on your favorite jig or chatterbait. The Brush Beetle’s wide stature and alluring action draws bites, but its thin and strategically streamlined body shape allows it to punch through grass mats and plummet to the biggest bites in the heaviest cover.

Target species: Largemouth Bass, Pike, Muskie

Length: 4.2″
Scent: infused
Plastic: Medium
Qty: 5 pk

Recommended gear: Med Hvy – Hvy rod, 20-65lb test braided line
Rigging Options: Texas-rigged (weedless) on Owner Soft Bait hook

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